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We offer custom


We work with templates & different thread size


At Nappa Leather we offer various custom ‘Cut and Stitch’ Programs designed to meet all your needs. Here is what we will do for you:

We will provide information on the various grades of leather that are available and assist you in choosing the leather that best suits the needs of your project. We will also advise on the amount of leather that is required for the project;

     We will assist you with pattern design so that your piece will reflect the beauty of the leather that you have selected;


     Once those steps are completed we will carefully cut the leather to ensure that you have the best exposure and use of your chosen leather with minimal waste; 


     We are also happy to consult with you and provide advice on the type and colour of stitching to ensure that you get are able to achieve your desired outcome. Our technologically advanced and specialized machines provide options and finishes that are not available at any other distributors in Canada.   

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